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How to Shampoo a Carpet

Posted - 06/01/2012

There are many reasons you may wish to shampoo the carpet in your home. Pets and small children leave stains on a regular basis. If you host social gatherings at your home you may simply wish to freshen up a much trafficked walkway. If you are a renter, you want to keep your carpet looking and smelling clean to keep your security deposit in check. Shampooing a carpet is not an easily accomplished task. Not all carpet shampoos are created equally and it takes trial and error to find the right one for your rug and your stain. Some carpet shampoos work better on specific lengths while others focus on either light cleaning or deep cleaning. Once you have determined which carpet shampoo to try, you will want to be prepared with the tools for the job. If you are spot cleaning, you will need the shampoo, two buckets of water, and clean, white rags. Start by placing the shampoo on the spot and allowing it to soak for about five minutes. Dab the spot with clean water and fresh rags, replacing the rags often. Hiring a professional Commercial Cleaning company is a much simpler alternative to shampooing a rug yourself. You can trust that professional cleaning companies can provide you with a clean rug in a short amount of time. Furthermore, they can clean large areas and small areas with little ado, saving you a great deal of effort.
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